About Us

LetsIOT enables anyone to access hard technologies like IoT easily from their web browser.

Customers use LetsIOT to access data to develop new solutions and processes, and combine technologies to build robust IOT applications.

Hardware development kits, embedded chipsets, sensors, actuators, M2M communication frameworks, and gateway/edge architectures are integrated into LetsIOT making them simpler to work with and IoT easier to implement.

LetsIOT machine-generates editable software code in standardized, production-ready blocks for easy-to-implement but powerfully persistent connections to cloud services, and devices.

LetsIOT drives digital transformation by enabling any individual to work more easily with data and technologies, extending everyone’s technological ability no matter where they’re starting from.

"We need to get smarter about hardware and software innovation in order to get the most value from the emerging Internet of Things."
– Henry Samueli

Our Team

Raja Vishnu Vardhan Reddy C

A polymath techie having specialization from various fields of technology. With Years of experience in design, development and deployment of different applications from scratch. Acting as the Techinical Backbone for the LetsIOT team leading with development and implementions of the custom integrations, dashboards and applications.
[email protected]