A trusted SECURITY platform your business can count on

  • TLS & AES encryption.
  • Data isolation.
  • Capability sandboxing.

LetsIOT goes above and beyond industry best practices to ensure the security & isolation of customer data.

All data in motion is encrypted via TLS. Data at rest is encrypted via AES. This includes saved credentials for authenticating to third party APIs on behalf of LetsIOT users, application keys for authenticating LetsIOT client code, and all account backups. Encryption keys are stored only on the Choreo execution servers that use them, which are separate from our database servers.

Additionally, the entire LetsIOT execution architecture is designed around Capability Sandboxing. Users are not simply limited to the contents of their own accounts by access checking logic – rather, there is literally no code path that would allow access to the data structures of other accounts. It's impossible to escalate privileges within our system to, e.g., list the application keys for all accounts, or list the keys for another account name, because no such methods exist.

  • Modular architecture
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Task automation

LetsIOT is built on a fine-grained modular architecture, with every component designed not only to scale with demand but to do so independently from other components. This allows our infrastructure to grow in response to different kinds of usage, including (but not limited to): number of customers, number of executions, average size of execution, average bandwidth of execution, signup rate, and code generation requests.

Our operations team works tirelessly to automate any task they perform more than once. Freed from rote procedures, they focus instead on proactively improving our infrastructure, ruthlessly hunting down and eliminating bottlenecks, special cases, and dependencies.

  • Downtime protection.
  • Active Monitoring.
  • Multi-layer redundancy.

The same automated, modularized architecture that makes LetsIOT so scalable also works to protect us against downtime. Resource outages become just another kind of demand for our scaling systems to meet. A sudden spike in executions results in the launch of more execution nodes. A sudden fire in one data center means that we launch more nodes in other physical locations.

In addition to these automated guarantees, we actively monitor the health of our infrastructure and personally respond to any incidents within minutes, even if only to confirm our automation has done its job. We're never content to merely survive an outage, but rigorously investigate all events - even those upstream of our systems - to fully understand their root causes and find new ways to respond even faster or avoid them entirely in the future.

LetsIOT maintains redundant secure backups at multiple layers, so even in the unlikely event of simultaneous catastrophic loss of multiple data centers or providers, we can rapidly relaunch and restore our customers' data.

  • Proactive error alerts.
  • Rapid response.
  • In-depth expertise.

As developers of tools for other developers, LetsIOT views customer support as an organization-wide responsibility central to everything we do. We pride ourselves on both rapid response times and in-depth answers.

Everyone at LetsIOT participates in support, whether by direct contact with customers, escalation of complex engineering questions to domain experts, or writing and reviewing our extensive documentation and getting